Twitter Prices IPO At $26 Per Share

Good news to those of you that have waited to purchase a piece of one of the hottest tech companies to come along in the last 10 years. Tomorrow morning, Twitter will officially start trading on the NYSE at $26 per share.

As someone who has never believed in investing in any individual stock, I will be purchasing shares under the $TWTR ticker symbol. I joined Twitter in August 2008, and I honestly don’t remember a day between then and now where I didn’t use Twitter in some capacity or another. I can’t say that about any other service.

Twitter has truly become the primary way in which we get our news, follow our favorite sports franchises, laugh along with some of the funniest people tweeting in 140 characters, and stay in touch with the world in a matter of seconds. Depending on who you follow and how you interact with the service, it can be one of the most powerful utilities we have.

Since I joined fairly early, it has been interesting to read about Twitter’s beginnings in Nick Bilton‘s new book, Hatching Twitter. Events like the race to 1,000,000 followers between CNN and Ashton Kutcher immediately come to mind. The company’s four co-founders (@ev@jack, @biz, and the often forgotten about @noah) went through an enormous power struggle before Dick Costolo took over as CEO in 2010. It hasn’t been completely smooth sailing, but the company started to make strong moves which have positioned them for success for years to come.

I really look forward to see what the company will become now that it was to answer to Wall Street. Om Malik wrote a great post about this the other day – I highly suggest taking a few minutes to read it.

I tweeted this early today. Will we look at Twitter 15 years from now and say it has been one of the most successful tech companies of this generation, or will it be another popular start-up that fizzled out and ultimately was overtaken by the latest and greatest?

Only time will tell. I’m excited to be along for the ride.

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UPDATE: Trading opened at 45.10, up nearly 80% from the initial price set by Goldman Sachs. The cool thing was seeing who rang the Opening Bell. Rather than have the CEO and the co-founders up on the balcony, Twitter chose to have the people who made the platform what it is today.