Every App on my iPhone

My friend Katey asked me to explain what I have in the convoluted mess (to me, it’s organized) you see below. 

I also wanted to do this after reading MG Siegler’s post on the topic as a end-of-year audit of apps he used as a way to see what I can get rid of.


I’ll start off by describing what’s in the bottom dock. 

  1. Messages
  2. Echofon Pro – my daily driver for Twitter and the most used app on my phone. At $4.99, that’s an absolute steal.
  3. Mail
  4. Pocket – makes your online and Twitter reading experience so much better. You can save articles, and go back to them later, even if you don’t have Internet connection – perfect for when you’re on a flight.


  1. Alien Blue – I think the best Reddit app for iPhone.
  2. Instagram 
  3. Tumblr – use to manage my blog.
  4. Droplr – I absolutely love this app and all the screenshots for this post were taken using Droplr. More info on their website here. Also, not cheap – $49.99/year. My one gripe is that it’s not yet iOS 7 compatible.
  5. Feedly – when Google killed their RSS reader, this became a must have.
  6. Google Maps – 1,000x better than Apple’s version.
  7. YouTube 

Social – Page 1

  1. Twitter – I use it as a mobile version of twitter.com/activity
  2. Tweetbot – I’d like to eventually make it my primary app, as it has more features than any 3rd party Twitter client.
  3. Facebook 
  4. Foursquare – I’m excited to see how it will change once Swarm is launched. More on that here.  
  5. Vine – Twitter’s six-second video app, my usage has dropped off significantly since it was released.
  6. Jelly – fun social Q&A app released by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone.
  7. Frontback – think of it as a double-sided Instagram app
  8. Secret – probably the most talked about app in tech circles the last month or so. Good read by Adam Besvinick here.
  9. Google Hangouts – Gchat on the go.

Social – Page 2

  1. Timehop – gives you a historical feed of your Tweets on that day. I think Bairet described it perfectly, though.
  2. Snapchat – all the teens are crazy about it.
  3. unfollow – you can filter who hasn’t sent a Tweet in a week, or month, and unfollow them if you wish.
  4. bitly – link shortening app, but you don’t really need it because most good Twitter apps are integrated with Bitly already.
  5. Sayonara – get notified when someone unfollowed you because you probably Tweeted something stupid.
  6. Flickr – I absolutely love their recent update.
  7. Telegram – it’s supposed to be an alternative to WhatsApp – I haven’t used it.
  8. Spark – the love child of Instagram and Vine.
  9. Facebook Paper – after a lot of hype, I don’t think many are using it. 

Social – Page 3

  1. about.me – easy way to build a starter webpage that contains your online identity.
  2. Skype
  3. OkCupid
  4. Mindie – fun video sharing app, another love child of Instagram and Vine.
  5. Google+
  6. WitStream – think of it as a Twitter feed for comedians.
  7. Quora – great resource for questions people ask online, heavily tech-focused.
  8. Carousel – Dropbox’s just-released photo app – similar to Flickr
  9. Facebook Messenger

Social – Page 4

  1. Steller – cool app to build stories with photos, videos, etc. Here’s a great example.
  2. rumr – anonymously chat with your friends. More here.
  3. Nextdoor – social network for people in the same neighborhoods. More here.
  4. WhatsApp – enormously popular messaging client, for which Facebook paid $19 billion
  5. Eventbrite – purchase tickets and scan entry directly from the app.
  6. TweetsPie – recommended to me by Eli Langer after Tweeting this.
  7. Skedadel – discovered it from Adam Besvinick’s rec

Sports – Page 1

  1. Yahoo! Sports – best app to keep track of scores across all leagues, much better than ESPN’s app.
  2. Yahoo! Fantasy 
  3. NHL GameCenter – their push notifications are very timely and informative.
  4. PGA Tour
  5. Chicago Bears
  6. Chicago Blackhawks
  7. ESPN F1
  8. Watch ESPN
  9. SportsCenter

Sports – Page 2

Sports – Page 3

Finance – Page 1

Finance – Page 2

Finance – Page 3

crApple – Page 1

crApple – Page 2

crApple – Page 3

crApple – Page 4 – I just want to make a note about how deep my PHONE is actually buried within my phone.

Productivity – Page 1

Productivity – Page 2

Productivity – Page 3


Travel – Page 1

Travel – Page 2

Travel – Page 3

Shop – Page 1

Shop – Page 2

Utilities – Page 1

Utilities – Page 2

Utilities – Page 3




Photo Edit


Real Estate


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