Golf Among Millennials is Dying?

I’ve read countless articles (here, here, and here to list a few) over the last few weeks that golf among people my age group (18-30; or the so-called “Millennials”) is dying in the United States.

I seem to be a huge outlier in this statistic, because I’ve never played more golf in my life than I have this summer. If you check my Foursquare history, I’m approaching 30 rounds. 

I imagine the reason is that younger people today don’t want to spend 4+ hours without being somehow connected to the Internet. In reality, golf has always been the most therapeutic part of the weekend for me – a place that I can go, turn off my phone for that time and simply enjoy the outdoors and the company of my playing partners.  

I’m interested to hear what others are seeing around their home courses. 

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