Recently, I have noticed more and more that the smartest people I follow on Twitter and on the internet have been blogging and sharing their writing. Writing is something that I never thought would be so important to someone who works in finance but I’m starting to learn that being a good writer is important in every industry.

I started my personal blog in 2013 on Blogger and migrated that over to Tumblr and was committed to posting for a short while. As Tumblr faded as a blogging platform, so did my writing on it. I decided to migrate my Tumblr blog over to WordPress and start fresh.

This is hopefully the first of many posts that I am planning to publish, and although my current audience is a total of zero people, I really want to dedicate the time to become a better writer and post regularly about topics that I find interesting and those that make me want to keep learning. That will require reading a lot and taking good notes, something that actually makes me very excited.

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