Getting Back into Blogging

Recently, I have noticed more and more that the smartest people I follow on Twitter and on the internet have been blogging and sharing their writing. Writing is something that I never thought would be so important to someone who works in the finance but I’m starting to learn that being a good writer is important in every industry.

I started my personal blog in 2013 on Blogger and migrated that over to Tumblr and was committed to posting for a short while. As Tumblr faded as a blogging platform, so did my writing on it. I decided to migrate my Tumblr blog over to WordPress and start fresh.

This is hopefully the first of many posts that I am planning to publish, and although my current audience is a total of zero people, I really want to dedicate the time to become a better writer and post regularly about topics that I find interesting and those that make me want to keep learning. That will require reading a lot and taking good notes, something that actually makes me very excited.

How to Get More Out of Snapchat

There is one common denominator I see that people struggle with when they use social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and most recently Snapchat. 

This made a lot more sense for me when I read Fred Wilson’s No Pain No Gain and Jeffrey Kalmikoff’s You’re Using Instagram Wrong posts. What typically happens for users is their feeds lose value and they churn out of these highly powerful services quickly. What are they doing wrong? In many cases, they are following only their friends instead of following their interests. 

The reason why I love and use Twitter and Instagram, and now Snapchat so much is because I took the time to carefully curate those feeds with users who are not necessarily my friends, but interesting people who share thoughts, photos, and stories that fit my interest profile.

In my short time using Snapchat, I’ve encountered people who get random pictures sent by friends, but their Story feed is empty. In my case, the Story feed has anywhere from 10-40 posts at any given time, and the feed instantly becomes as interesting as Twitter and Instagram because I’ve taken the time to follow accounts that use the medium creatively and correctly. 

My friend David Perell asked me to share that list, so I will here. Keep in mind these are the accounts that make the feed interesting for me. Snapchat’s Discovery features are pretty horrible right now, but like Fred Wilson said in his post, “When it comes to social media, no pain means no gain.” Take the time to find users you like, and your feed will be just as enjoyable for you.

Are there any users you like that I missed? Tweet me @levnaginsky with some recommendations 

Apple’s next major Mac revealed: the radically new 12-inch MacBook Air

Tonight I’m setting up my mom’s new 11" MacBook Air. My four year old 15" MacBook Pro on the other side of the coffee table looks like a sumo wrestler by comparison. 

I read that Apple will release the much anticipated redesign of the MacBook Air sometime this year. As I think to myself that much of my media consumption now happens on my iPhone 6, it could be the last computer I will ever buy.

Looks like a gorgeous machine.

Apple’s next major Mac revealed: the radically new 12-inch MacBook Air

Golf Among Millennials is Dying?

I’ve read countless articles (here, here, and here to list a few) over the last few weeks that golf among people my age group (18-30; or the so-called “Millennials”) is dying in the United States.

I seem to be a huge outlier in this statistic, because I’ve never played more golf in my life than I have this summer. If you check my Foursquare history, I’m approaching 30 rounds. 

I imagine the reason is that younger people today don’t want to spend 4+ hours without being somehow connected to the Internet. In reality, golf has always been the most therapeutic part of the weekend for me – a place that I can go, turn off my phone for that time and simply enjoy the outdoors and the company of my playing partners.  

I’m interested to hear what others are seeing around their home courses.