How to Get More Out of Snapchat

There is one common denominator I see that people struggle with when they use social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and most recently Snapchat.  This made a lot more sense for me when I read Fred Wilson’s No Pain No Gain and Jeffrey Kalmikoff’s You’re Using Instagram Wrong posts. What typically happens for users is their feeds lose value […]

How to upload your Twitter Archive to your Public Dropbox

There are times where I think I’m pretty tech savvy. Then, like in the case of trying to upload my Twitter Archive so it’s publicly accessible is another story. I finally figured out how to do with using Dropbox, so figured I would share. Before you do this, thoroughly go through the Tweets you’ve published […]

Next Chicago Steak – March 2014

Photos: Next: Chicago Steak,  Last night, Wolf and I had an incredible dinner at Next for their Chicago Steak menu. Those who aren’t familiar, Next is unique in that it completely changes its style every few months, focusing on a different time period and part of the world for each “season” of its menu. It’s also unique […]

First Purchase Made with Bitcoin: Great Success!

One of the most controversial and fascinating topics in the media and press lately has been Bitcoin. Some of you might be asking yourselves, “what the heck is that?” the video below is a quick and easy overview. I wish I could be one of those people that got into Bitcoin early and profited tremendously […]

I Just Moved My Blog to Tumblr from Blogger

Quick-ish post: I just moved my blog over from Blogger to Tumblr and want to test everything to make sure all systems are go. The main reason for the switch is that it seems Google has completely abandoned Blogger and everything just looks outdated on both desktop and mobile. I probably would have made the switch […]